Tom Martin Construction Co., Inc.

One Kansas City Place, KC, MO

This 42-story office tower  was constructed in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  Floor sizes range from 12,500 SF per floor, to 26,000 SF per floor.

A five story granite base supports the 27 story, tinted glass tower, accented with granite columns.  The elevators, grouped in banks, provide low, mid-rise and high-rise service.  The parking garage offers space for 1,300 cars on 10 levels.



1201 Walnut, KC, MO

This 30-story building was constructed on top of an existing, operational parking structure, presenting unique design challenges.  Special inspection requirements of the Uniform Building Code requested by the City of Kansas City, Missouri included testing of foundation bearing materials, fill, reinforced steel, welded and bolted connections, fireproofing, concrete and roof membrane.

Supporting the new structure is a network of piers and concrete columns constructed around and through an existing parking garage.

Building for a brighter future.